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Get The Best Of Both Worlds!

Sell by owner AND be listed on the MLS!

Can I Sell By Owner AND Be On The MLS?

YES - Now You Can!

We will place your property on the MLS and, you can still sell the home by owner!

The best part is: If “you” sell the property without an agent – you do not owe another dime!

How does this work?

Simple as 1-2-3

1) Contact the agent to setup a time to have the paperwork done (see info below)

2) The agent schedules the photo session and collects your property information

3) Make the upfront payment of $990 and then we take it from there.

What is included?

  • Professionally licensed support from start to finish
  • Pre-market Home Value Consultation
  • MLS Listing
  • Your property will be listed on Realtor.com, qchomeshow.com, and all the other local real estate sites that feed off the mls!
  • The ability to still sell by owner! (If you sell fsbo, you don’t owe another dime)!
  • Professional photos and marketing
  • 360 Degree 3D Virtual Tour
  • Custom Sign Package
  • Bluetooth Key Access Box
  • Showing time appointment request scheduler
  • Required disclosures and documents
  • Professional negotiations on all offers, repair agreements, etc
  • And, the best part is you are listed until the property sells!

Do I "have" to pay a commission?

Only if the agent or another agent sells the property.

(The % commission is no more than 4%. Both buyer & seller agents split that 4% if more than one agent is involved).

If you sell it – you do not owe the percentage commission!

What is the $990 For?

The $990 upfront fee is for:

  • Professional Photos
  • 3D Virtual Tour
  • QcHomeShow.com fsbo advertisement
  • Agent Services to assist you from start to closing (even if you sell by owner).

Will this work with any agent/brokerage?

Only if the agent/broker is willing to provide the same program at the same reduced rate (which is very unlikely).

What if I decide to go back to selling strictly by owner?

If you decide at any time to discontinue your contract with the brokerage and not continue with the mls package, your qchomeshow.com ad will also expire.

The reason your qchomeshow.com ad will expire as well is because the brokerage is paying for the ad.

You pay the brokerage for the mls package (agent services, etc)  and they pay qchomeshow for the advertising. (so, the brokerage owns the ad).

Example; if you hired an agent to sell your home and they ran a newspaper ad to help sell your home – once your contract with the agent expires or is ended – the newspaper cannot continue to run that ad for you (because you do not own the ad). You would have to purchase your own newspaper ad and not use the ad the agency paid for.

What do I need to do to prepare the home?

  1. Make sure the property is “photo ready” Click here for tips
  2. Make a list of all the updates done to the property and be sure to include the year the update was made.

How can I get started?

Our Team

Our professional team of licensed agents are ready to assist you in any real estate transaction. We are fast, friendly, dedicated, and knowledgeable.

About Us

WHY USA Schramm & Associates is a local family-owned franchisee of the WHY USA Real Estate Marketing System.

Schramm & Associates was established in 1984 by Joe and Mary Beth Schramm who have been involved in the Real Estate Business since 1974. They purchased the WHY USA Franchise for the Quad Cities area in 1995, and have saved Quad City area Real Estate Consumers millions of dollars in commissions since introducing the $990 concept to the Quad Cities.

We are looking forward to serving your real estate needs.

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